• Photo (c) 2015 Josh Robenstone

    Dr Steffen P Walz

    Founder and director of the GEElab as well as the former GEElab EU. Up until February 2015, Associate Professor at RMIT University. Now Professor of Design/Art at Curtin University, Perth, Western Australia.


  • Alexander Muscat

    GEElab Australia - Doctoral Researcher, Game Designer and Course Lecturer

  • Jens M Stober

    GEElab Europe - Doctoral Researcher, Media Artist and Game Designer

  • Lauren S Ferro

    GEElab Australia - Gamification consultant and doctoral researcher

  • Fatma Al Amri

    GEElab Australia – Researcher, Educator, and Multimedia Designer

  • Will Owen

    GEElab Australia - Doctoral Researcher

Research Associates

  • Jen Lade

    GEElab Australia - Jen is an artist, a researcher and a senior lecturer in B.Des Games at RMIT University.


  • Prof Dr Zhaochen Ding

    Prof Dr Zhaochen Ding

    Deputy Director of Beijing Key Lab of Multimedia and Human Computer Interaction at Beijing University, Architect & GEElab Fellow

  • Dr Sebastian Deterding

    Visiting Assistant Professor, MAGIC Center / School of Interactive Games and Media, Rochester Institute of Technology & GEElab Fellow

  • Prof Dr Wolfgang Renz

    Dr Wofgang Renz is a member of faculty of Medicine as a Professor at McGill University in Montreal, Canada and GEElab Fellow