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Become a GEElabber

There are several ways to become a GEElabber:

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  • Collaborate on research projects - please view what our research is about and have a look at our partnerships section.. We encourage you to share with us why we should and how we could work together! Tell us more about yourself or your organization, or your project, or your talk idea, or whatever you feel the GEElab could be involved in.
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Prospective PhD students*

Please sign up for the GEElab newsletter so you keep up to date with job postings as well as with PhD stipends for Australian and New Zealand citizens 

We encourage you to do your PhD in the GEElab. PhD students in the GEElab will graduate with a PhD in Creative Media from RMIT University. PhD duration in the GEElab is 3 years (the ‘official’ duration is 4 years to provide you a visa for 4 years, but scholarships are 3 years, so the actual time is 3 years). PhDs at RMIT do not require teaching etc., hence you can expect to complete your PhD faster than in many other countries.

Australian or New Zealand applicants

If you are an Australian or New Zealand citizen, you will apply for a PhD position while also applying for an Australian Postgraduate Award, which covers your tuition and living expenses for 3 years, the duration of the program.

International applicants

If you are an international (i.e. non-Australian) applicant, you may apply anytime of the year, as you do not qualify for the Australian Postgraduate Award. However, there are other scholarships available to you, either from Australia (for example RUIRS) or from overseas (for example Fulbright). Please note that these scholarships often have yearly deadlines, mostly around end of October, though.

Application procedure

We are based in the School of Media and Communication (similar to a department in other countries) in the College of Design and Social Context (comparable to a faculty). Your primary PhD supervisor will be Assoc Prof Dr Steffen P Walz, director of the GEElab, and you will need to nominate a secondary supervisor.

Please carefully read through the School's Higher Degrees By Research resources website, which we hope will answer most of your submission related questions.

In parallel, before applying to the PhD program, make sure you get in touch with us first so we can support your application. Your application will need to be submitted to the general RMIT admission system before you can apply for a scholarship.

The video presentation on the right side gives information on how to apply for graduate research programs. Thanks to Dr Mueller from RMIT's Exertion Games Lab for the basis of this wrap up!